Auto check in and auto check out

Home Sweet Home offers to set up when possible a key box system, a secure door lock and / or a secure mailbox lock.

The goal is to facilitate the check in and check out of guests who can arrive and leave at any time freely. These systems also make it possible to secure the arrival and departure of guests without risk of contact.

​The check in can be done from 2 pm and the check out no later than 11 am in order to carry out the cleaning and laundry services in this interval of time

Cleaning service 'à la carte'

The price for the cleaning service depends on the size of your apartment:
<80 m²: € 64
80 m² to 120 m²: € 80
121 m² to 160 m²: € 96
> 161 m²: contact us

We remind you that you can still pass on the cleaning fee to your tenants as provided for on some rental sites.
Windows and walls cleaning, a thorough cleaning of carpets and maintenance of external parts are benefits not included in a standard household estimate. For this type of work, please contact us to get a specific quote.
The equipment and cleaning products needed to run the cleaning service are to be provided by the owner, who is committed to compliance and should keep them in their original packaging. If sufficient quantities of cleaning materials are not provided, we cannot guarantee the proper implementation or realisation of all of the service requested.
The change of bedding is made with clean and ironed linen the owner has provided for in advance. We will put the used towels for each bed in a basket that will be on the property (you told us where everything is in your location during the first visit). We will do the same for towels.

Laundry services 'à la carte'

The bedding
We can also take your used bedding, clean and return it to your property at a future visit. Laundry rates depend on the number of bedding sets to clean. A bedding set normally consists of two pillowcases, two sheets (or a duvet cover and a sheet)
For the first bedding: 17 €
For extra bedding: € 14
Bath towels and dish towels
As for bedding, we can also organise the cleaning, ironing and return of the towels/dishtowels to your property on a future visit.
Per towel or dish towel: € 2.
The laundry service may be requested only in combination with another service for the same guest . Otherwise travel expenses of € 35 will be added.

Full package all inclusive

For longer term services (minimum of 6 months) we also have an "all-inclusive" package of services where we manage booking platforms and contact with guests. ​We manage everything for you with the option "all-inclusive" and this type of service is based on a percentage of the rental depending on the length of the stay. The percentage is 26% for a rental of more than a month  and 33% for a rental of less than a month (VAT included).


Our Prices

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