We can also provide a laundry service for one or more beds. We can also provide laundry for bathroom and dish towels
The service includes:
- The management of the bedding(s) and / or towels and dish towels
- Laundry and ironing
- Returning them to your property

Check out
Check-out includes:
- Inspection of the property
- Return keys by the guest
- Discussion about the stay in the flat with the guests
- Delivery of report based on the inspection and the feedback discussion with the guests

Concierge services Brussels – Check-in/out, Cleaning and Laundry

Ours services

Make your property a paradise for your guests

Home Sweet Home does more than make your house or apartment clean and pleasant for your guests. Home Sweet Home creates a unique atmosphere and a peaceful environment in which your guests feel at home as soon as they arrive. Your little piece of heaven becomes their Garden of Eden. 

Trust Home Sweet Home, the first company offering concierge services for short term rentals in Brussels.

Check in
- Inspection of the property
- Supply of toiletries if needed (toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc.)
- Welcome of the guests
- Delivery of a 'welcome package' to the guest (tourist brochures about Brussels) updated every season
- Advice and recommendations to the guest about their visit to the city/country
- Delivery of keys

The cleaning service is provided by a dedicated and professional team:
- Vacuum/mop the floors, vacuum/mop the stairs
- Change bedding with clean linen belonging to the owner
- Clean the work services and outer surface of kitchen furniture and appliances and clean
the coffee corner (coffee machine , kettle, etc.) and empty the dishwasher
- Clean toilet, sink, shower, bath, and mirrors

Full management of your property

If you want a complete management of your property, Home Sweet Home offers an All inclusive option which optimizes the management of your booking schedule on the most efficient sites (Airbnb, Booking, etc.)